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Amen break by Quassatio - SoundCloud Stream Amen break by Quassatio from desktop or your mobile device Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop ...

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The "Amen Break": The Most Famous 6-Second Drum... | Open Culture As the Amen Break became more popular, and hip hop DJs more organized and in-demand, it worked its way onto the first official release of a compilation specifically for rap DJs called Ultimate Breaks and Beats, a series that collected classic rhythm tracks of rock, funk, and pop songs stripped of their vocals. Amen Break Videos - Video explains the world's most important 6-sec drum loop[6.6M views]The Winstons - Amen Brother[3.4M views]Amen Break - normal, fast and slow version[1.9M view. Watch more 'Amen Break' videos on Know Your Meme!

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Clean Amen Break? | Drum & Bass Forum Basically i want a clean amen break have used the forum search but can only find threads from like 2003 and all the links are broken or they take me to a website and the download file isn't there any more, it would be great if someone can post a link or upload an amen break, cheers Amen Break - TV Tropes In 1969, a Soul/Funk group called the Winstons came out with an single called "Color Him Father". On the B-side of that single was a song called "Amen Brother". It contained within it a 5 second drum solo. This drum break, called the amen break, has the distinction of being the single most sampled piece of music in modern history. Every genre ... Amen Break — Twenty Thousand Hertz [SFX: Amen break at normal speed] You’re listening to Twenty Thousand Hertz, the stories behind the world’s most recognizable and interesting sounds. I’m Dallas Taylor. [SFX: End Amen break] What you just heard is called the amen break, or ah-men break depending on how you say it. Anyway, It’s likely the most sampled piece of music in ...

The "Amen Break": The Most Famous 6-Second Drum... | Open Culture

TB-303 Documentary - Bassline Baseline - YouTube

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Amen break — Lurkmore А́мен брейк (amen break) — мем электронной музыки, семпл барабанов из середины песни группы Winstons — Amen, Brother. Растиражирован в тысячах композиций различных жанров. В 1969 году группа The Winstons написала соул-сингл средней степени хитовости Color Him Father.

Creativity Endures: The 'Amen Break' and Copyright Law ... The U.K.'s DJ Fabio believes the "Amen Break" carries a religious power and some hidden, universal meaning. Michael Schneider, a writer and educator, analyzed the waveform of the "Amen Break" and discovered that the peaks of the waves correspond remarkably to the Golden Ratio.